What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised visitation is contact between a noncustodial party and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third person.

What is the difference between a visitation and an exchange?

During a visitation, a monitor will be with the visiting party the entire duration of the visitation. An exchange is only the brief changing of children from the custodial party to the non-custodial party and back assuring no interaction occurred.

Can I bring others to my visitation?

Supervised visitations are for the Non-custodial party. If the court order states that there is a specific person in addition to the non-custodial party, they are allowed to attend the visitation. Heaven’s House allows non-custodial parents other minor children to attend the visitation, so as long as the court order does not state that they cannot attend.

Can I make changes to my visitations?

If times, dates, and locations are specified in the court order. Those orders must be followed. If you would like to change them, you must go to court to get them changed.

Can I go offsite for my visitation?

If your court order states that visitations are to be at Heaven’s House, they must remain onsite. If allowed by the court Heaven's House offers offsite visitations services but at a different rate than the onsite services.

What guidelines are there surrounding Supervised Visitation?

In addition to the company’s guidelines which follow the California best practices; All supervised visitation monitors are required to follow the California Rules of Court Standard 5.20 Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation as well as, Family Code 3200.5.

What can I bring in as my proof of income?

We can base your pay off of: Paycheck stubs, W2, Unemployment verification, and Passport to Services.

Who is required to pay for the visitations?

In your court order, it will specify who is to pay for the visitation services. If you do not agree to the payment arrangement, you will have to go back to court to get it changed.

What is documented during the visitations?

During your visitation, the monitor is documenting the interaction with your child and the visiting parent. Please be advised that everything is documented for your records. Heaven's House has a standard report format that includes the date of visitation, hour and minute both parties arrived, and the content of the visitation. Monitors will record what is being said between the visiting parent and their minor child[ren]. If a visiting parent talks to the supervised visitation monitor that is also recorded and included in the report. Reports are available to both parties.


How do I set up visitations?

The first step in setting up visitations is to set up and intake. In order for us to do an intake process, we must have you first obtain your court orders specifying your awarded supervised visitations. Before visitations can be set up, both parties in the case must complete their intake process. Heaven’s House is by appointment only. Please call to set up an appointment.

How long does it take after the intakes have been completed before visitations start?

It generally takes at least a week after both parties have completed their individual intakes before a visitation can be set up. Please be advised that it may take more than a week if your particular case needs more time for the center to assure that they can adequately and safely take on your case.