New Client Portals!

New Client Portals!

Heaven’s House is excited to introduce our long awaited, new website! This website was built with our clients in mind. After a few years of operating and serving 520 families, we have streamlined our business to serve the community better. Continue reading below to learn of our improvements and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to send them our way.

What’s New?

In addition to a whole new website, Heaven’s House has moved to a new facility. Our new facility offers a front waiting room, two living rooms, a dining room and an out door space.

Client Portals:

Our existing clients and new clients will enjoy an easy way to communicate and receive documents from Heaven’s House.

  • Secure and private client portals
  • Easy document retrieval. Now you can view papers you have signed, Heaven’s House guidelines and copies of visitation/exchange reports online!
  • Invoicing. Review balances paid or owed online with the option to make payments as well.
  • Private messaging. Message heaven’s House from your portal. Every message is saved and viewable for your records.
  • Third part access. You can designate a third party to access your portal such as a lawyer or family member.
  • Update information. Easily update relevant information such as current addresses and phone numbers.
  • Notifications. Every time we update invoices or upload a file to your portal you will receive an email notification.

Heaven’s House would like to invite all of our existing clients to register via the navigation bar button “Client Registration.” After you do so then we will work as fast as possible to upload all of your files. If you need help during this registration process please call our IT person Sarah at:

If you are not an existing client then you will need to wait till your intake appointment to register. If you register prior to an intake appointment that does not mean Heaven’s House will provide you with the services you are seeking.

We would like to thank all of our clients for complying with this new and exciting transition.


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